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Victims of crime may be eligible for VAWA or U-Visa

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He brought her Roses


He was very charming and seemed too good to be true


Very respectful and caring; he couldn't hurt a fly


He slapped her during an argument and blamed her for his actions


She wore sunglasses wide enough to cover her swollen face; she avoided her inquisitive colleagues


He brought her roses and apologized




He was very charming and loved by all


She searched deeply for what she had done to make him change


She let go of her expectations, dreams and voice to adopt his identity for peace sake


He went a step further today by punching her


She wore long clothes to conceal the bruises; she told her collegues she fell from the stairs


He brought her roses and apologized




Lately, he's been very charming to everyone except her


He called her names and blamed her for his actions


Her family and friends don't come around anymore; he controls her finances


He went a step further by choking her today; she passed out


He rushed her to the hospital and was right by her side when she regained consciousness


He told the doctor she was involved in an accident; she was voiceless and he became her voice


He brought her roses, teared up and apologized




Today, she got a ride from a male colleague when her car broke down


He accused her of infidelity and threatened to kill her


She decided she has had enough and was ready to leave him


She packed her clothes and called her mum to pick her up


He snatched the phone from her hand and stabbed her repeatedly as she screamed for help


He brought her roses, this time, he left it at her grave




....composed by Tope Awoyode

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Note: Be a survivor, call the domestic violence hotline if you or a loved one is a victim of domestic abuse.  Contact us to discuss your Immigration options.